Decision making by specialists

In our personal capacity we regularly seek the help of specialists to make informed decisions. Whether it is a dentist, electrician, financial planner, personal trainer, etc. The specialists provide us with a solution or a few choices that we use to make our decision.

In much the same way Group Endorsements provides a structured approach that properly utilises the specialist knowledge of our expert groups.


  • members deliberate on an issue that the public or another group needs addressed.
  • anyone in the expert group can participate and contribute with their innovative solution or idea.
  • members earn endorsements for the innovative ideas and solutions that are presented to the group
  • The expert community then provides us with a solution or a few choices on how the issue can be addressed.


  • the community gets informed choices from skilled and engaged individuals (experts)
  • the choice is free of any influence from politicians or dominant players
  • the community then makes a decision based on the informed choices provided by the expert group
  • members of the public can earn endorsements should they provide an innovative suggestion or solution

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