For Capitalist and Socialists alike

Group endorsements allow both capitalism and socialism to coexist in a balanced and democratic manner:


  • our current free market system is retained together with our reliance on price signals that help allocate resources. Thus people continue to “vote” through their spending patterns.
  • processes where a profit incentive promote creativity and innovation can be retained.


  • we now have a group based incentive which promotes actions that benefit others. The profit incentive can be systematically replaced as deemed feasible.
  • a group based incentive is more suited to our social and charity organisations that can now structure themselves to gather maximum support for their cause. They are free of the limitations imposed on them through a profit incentive.


  • group endorsements promote open discussions between groups. Our expert communities engage in quality deliberation when making decisions on whether public assets are retained or privatised.
    • these discussions remain democratic
    • the discussions remain free from the influence of political parties or dominant players.

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