Reinforcing our democratic rights

Group endorsements refine our democratic rights in multiple ways:


Our right to vote is replaced by a right to participate in multiple groups. We are all automatically a member of the main community group but in additional we are free to join as many other groups as we wish. By participating we EARN the right to vote in these groups.

  • through our vote we actively influence all areas of our need or passion.
  • the votes we earn are active all the time, not only at the time of elections.


When participating we do so at our own level of skill or engagement in that group.

  • by being active and adding real benefit to a group we become leaders and perform at higher levels of that group.
  • we have a bigger say or influence in areas we are skilled or passionate about.
  • our education and experience is fully utilised, currently we use a fraction of this both at work or socially.


Through open discussion you can participate at all levels of a group as well as participate in other groups.

  • you can freely contribute with innovative ideas and solutions.
  • you are rewarded for ideas and solutions that are adopted
  • promotes diversification as it encourages/rewards our participation in multiple groups and discussions at all levels.


By facilitating a truly free market system we influence decisions and the allocation of resources through our spending patterns.


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