Endorsements are not new.

Endorsements are not new as they are currently used in different forms. However, there are some good examples of how they can be effectively used and some bad examples.


Endorsements are extensively used in our academic environment. Degrees, diplomas and certificates are examples of endorsements that are awarded by knowledgeable groups to confirm the skills and abilities of an individual.

  • Groups (universities and colleges) build their image by implementing a level of standards and controls which they deem appropriate.
  • Students want to build their personal profiles with endorsements awarded through quality institutions.
  • People reading a personal profile rely more confidently on the endorsements given by reputable institutions
  • People are free to choose which and how many subjects they wish to study, and which institution they attend.


When we vote to elect leaders it is an endorsement by the community on whom they trust with the leadership.

  • The group electing the leader is a mixed group of varying skill levels and competence.
  • Leaders promote and emphasise actions that will quickly and easily win the maximum number of votes and support. Quality decisions are often compromised for short term solutions that win votes.
  • The quality of the leader and how they get elected is often questioned
  • The leader you elect attends to some of your needs but mainly focuses on actions that will maintain their own power and control.


Thus the quality of the endorsements are directly related to the structure and controls in place over the group that makes the award.

In our modern society our groups have both the expertise and experience to ensure that quality controls and structures are in place at all levels of the group. Thus ensuring that any endorsements awarded by that group, as well as decisions made by that group, can be confidently relied upon by others.

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