Our politicians and party politics

Essentially the role of the politicians continue as leaders of the community groups that they represent, however, with little need for political parties.


  • politicians become leaders of one collective community group as they are informed on the needs and matters of the community
  • when making decisions the prime focus is on decisions that result in the most benefit to the community.
  • debate occurs in a quality environment where all the members (ex politicians) are informed and knowledgeable on the needs of the community
  • without political parties there is no struggle between members for power and control
  • a member that consistently provides good suggestions and shows real commitment is most likely to be elected as a leader of the group to represent them at the next higher level.


  • these leaders (ex politicians) will now be free to properly represent the needs of their communities as there is no need to meet party political demands
  • politicians also freely participate in other groups, including those that require special skills and knowledge.
  • any endorsements earned will help build their profiles which in turn will promote their chances of being elected as a leader of their community
  • community leaders will thus be individuals with diverse skills and who participate in multiple groups.


  • when electing leaders, in addition to their speeches, the community can confidently rely on the endorsements earned by candidates.
  • the needs of the community are specifically addressed by the leaders they elect as there is no distraction of party politics.
  • other members of the community who have the required skills and endorsements can readily step forward to be elected as a leader.

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