Our politicians and party politics

Essentially the role of the politicians continue as leaders of the community groups that they represent, however, with little need for political parties. NO NEED FOR POLITICAL PARTIES politicians become leaders of one collective community group as they are informed on the needs and matters of the community when making decisions the prime focus is… Continue Reading

Superior decision making with quality deliberation

With Group Endorsements we use a bottom up approach to ensure quality leadership where leaders are promoted and elected by knowledgeable and engaged individuals. However, when making decisions Group Endorsements work equally well in reverse. INCLUSION OF LOWER LEVELS When leaders at a higher level fail to agree on a decision they can easily draw… Continue Reading

Endorsements are not new.

Endorsements are not new as they are currently used in different forms. However, there are some good examples of how they can be effectively used and some bad examples. A GOOD EXAMPLE Endorsements are extensively used in our academic environment. Degrees, diplomas and certificates are examples of endorsements that are awarded by knowledgeable groups to… Continue Reading

Reinforcing our democratic rights

Group endorsements refine our democratic rights in multiple ways: REFINES OUR RIGHT TO VOTE Our right to vote is replaced by a right to participate in multiple groups. We are all automatically a member of the main community group but in additional we are free to join as many other groups as we wish. By… Continue Reading

For Capitalist and Socialists alike

Group endorsements allow both capitalism and socialism to coexist in a balanced and democratic manner: FOR CAPITALISM our current free market system is retained together with our reliance on price signals that help allocate resources. Thus people continue to “vote” through their spending patterns. processes where a profit incentive promote creativity and innovation can be… Continue Reading

Decision making by specialists

In our personal capacity we regularly seek the help of specialists to make informed decisions. Whether it is a dentist, electrician, financial planner, personal trainer, etc. The specialists provide us with a solution or a few choices that we use to make our decision. In much the same way Group Endorsements┬áprovides a structured approach that… Continue Reading